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We provide guidance, useful tips and a personalised service 

to ensure the best possible experience for your holiday in Malta.

The Osiris opened its doors in 2024 and it was set up to provide beautiful rooms with comfort in mind alongside a modern aesthetic. The property boasts 16 total rooms most of which comprise of balconies and large apertures.


We are located at a short 2 minute walk from the promenade where you are spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants. Two beaches on either side of the promenade can be accessed by a further 5 minute walk.


We serve a packed breakfast in room. It is partially served on the tray as well as in the fridge provided in the kitchenette consisting of bread, juice, milk, small pastries, yogurts, and a variety of delicatessen. In the kitchenette you are provided with a sink, refrigerator, some cutlery as well as additional plates and countertop. There is also a kettle for coffee and teas as well as cups for your use.


Lamp shades are provided on either side of the room and a full length mirror . We pride ourselves on providing a clean and pleasant environment for your stay.


All rooms are equipped with built in AC (air conditioning) system that will keep your room heated or cool as required, blackout curtains are also included. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the building. All rooms have a private ensuite with sink, toilet and shower. Light-up mirrors and shelf for makeup and shaving are embedded in the ensuite. Hair blowdryers are wall mounted in ensuite for ease of use.

Our beds are equipped with the best mattress protectors in the market. Aside from being waterproof and breathable, our mattress protectors are equipped with anti-bed bug, anti-bacteria, anti-dust mite technology to ensure the absolute best experience and peace of mind when booking with us.


Free WIFI is available across all rooms.


Optional in-room continental breakfast is served at an additional charge.

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The Osiris has a total of 16 rooms. This helps us provide our residents with a more personalised service. This individual attention helps us to be closer to you and to your needs. That way we ensure the best possible experience for your holiday in Malta.



Our outstanding housekeeping team works very hard to keep your room clean and tidy for your use. We pride ourselves on providing more than the average boutique hotel. We constantly strive to better our service and give our guests the best stay we can provide.  


Our boutique hotel offers a wide range of amenities to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our friendly staff is always available to help make your stay as enjoyable as possible.


A variety of toiletries are available in-room.


Free high-speed internet access

Tea & Coffee

In-room Tea and coffee making facilities are available 24/7 free of charge

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